I am qualified to serve on the board for a number of reasons. Throughout my time working with Albemarle County and as a student, I’ve experienced firsthand the issues that students and teachers face in the classroom. I also know just how much Albemarle County values the input of the community. That’s why I believe that the direction and vision of the board can be better realized with the input of someone who has spent the majority of their life in the classroom. As a student, my personal experience can bring perspective that will help ensure that Albemarle County remains at the forefront of public education. To be clear, I would never advocate for a board made up entirely of students: in that case the advantage of multiple perspectives would be lost. As someone with knowledge of the real issues facing students, parents, teachers, employees and concerned members of the community today, I hope to be able to better strengthen the mission that the School Board has already set in place.

Being young, some may doubt that I have the integrity or the maturity to lead. Being young, some may see me as more inclined to make mistakes. The Roman philosopher Seneca taught us that “Errare humanum est “; to err is human, and surely throughout our lives all of us have made mistakes. It doesn’t matter what political party we are, what race we are, what gender, or even what age. So I humbly ask you to take this step with me. Education is all about learning from our shortcomings. Let’s see every mistake as an opportunity to learn and move forward together.

Albemarle County has long been a leader across the spectrum of public education. The role of the School Board in shaping the future of education in Albemarle County is critical, and the board already strives to provide students and teachers with a well- rounded and considerate approach to policy. As both a student and an advisor, it’s clear to me that we need to maintain the standards of excellence that have defined Albemarle County Public Schools for decades.

Please cast your vote for me for the Albemarle County School Board.